For years in the tree removal business we have made trees "fly" over houses with the help of our good friends at Amhurst Crane.  So wither you are looking to plant a large mature tree in your backyard or something on a smaller scale we have the know how, experience and tools to get it done.

With a qualified arborist as a co-owner, you can rest assured that any tree related questions will be answered.  

Deciding on what tree to plant and where is not as simple as picking  your favorite tree for the bare spot on your property.   The city of Toronto is covered with (now mature) trees that were planted in the wrong space years before. Great for us Tree Services, not so much for the home owners cheque book.

Did you know the root systems on most trees are 3-5 times greater than that of its tops?  Did you know that tree roots grow towards its best nutrients and water source?   These two questions are very important to consider when planting a tree.  Grade and proximity to structures, driveways,  walkways and any other thing that might be destroyed over time due to tree growth.

Give us a call to book a meeting with our arborist to discuss your tree planting options.