Tree Permits Depending on which municipality your tree is in, it may be required to get a tree permit before removal.  The permit process is broken down into two main sections.  Exemptions and Permit to destroy or injure.   Exemptions are basically permits to destroy a tree that the City deems dead or hazardous. This process usually requires an arborist report including photos, measurements and an exemption application with all the pertinent information filled out. There is no charge from the City for an exemption.  This process usually takes 2-8 days in our experience.   Permit to destroy or injure is essentially permission to destroy a tree the City does not deem dead or hazardous.  This process requires an arborist report including photos, measurements, application form, replanting plan and a permit fee.  In our experience this process takes 6-8 weeks.  


Our Permit Services

At Warriors we can help you with dealing with the permit process from start to finish.  Our services include taking proper measurements and photos, preparing an arborist report, filling out the application forms, creating a replanting plan, submission to the City and any follow up communication with the City.  All you would need to do is sign the application form and we do the rest.  Basic "ALL IN" permit services starting as low as $300 for residential customers.


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