About Warriors

Warriors started off as a tree removal service over fifteen years ago. Over the years we have built great relationships with home owners, contractors, builders and tradesmen. Our clients often asked if we did anything else but trees and we always answered “no”.  That is until last year 2016 when we decided to use our collective skills, knowledge and contacts to be able to offer more services.  We called it Warriors Project Management. We are now able to answer “yes” to that question. In fact, after bringing in experts in their prospective fields, our Warrior family is more than confident that our “get ‘er’ done” attitude, skills and knowledge will be an asset to any project.  After a successful two years and many happy clients, we decided that the Warriors Project Management was a worthy "sister company" for the long standing Warriors Tree Removal Inc.  We are now under one umbrella that we call WARRIORS INC.  

As our radio ads say "we are the one stop shop to"Get 'R' Done"

About Us

 Our management/owners team consists mainly of three people.  Kevin Batten, Dan Perkins and Max Sabourin.  All three members of the team have very different sets of skills, but when combined make up a solid leadership team with a huge knowledge base and decades of experience.  It is not very often that any project is done without having at least one of the three members onsite making sure safety and project quality is above and beyond expectations.

Dan Perkins:  Dan (AKA Squirrel) founded Warriors in the early 2000's when he was driving around all of his climbing gear in his old Neon and Jeep.  He called his company The Weekend Warriors.  As his small business started to grow Dan replaced his old Neon and Jeep with a small pick up truck which he decided to paint black and grey camouflage.  This was the beginning of our famous "camo" trucks and our military look.  Dan was a iron worker by trade who was brought up helping his father build homes.  The experiences of these two jobs with a fearlessness of heights made Dan perfectly suited for climbing trees.  Today Dan uses his climbing and rigging experience to ensure the safety of our climbers.  He runs lead on ALL crane removals and is an artist when it comes to stone and wood work.

Kevin Batten:  Kevin (AKA Baloo) met Dan in the early 2000's during a poker tournament he was running.  Kevin owed the WPT (World Poker Tour) franchise as well as a small web design/digital media company at the time they met.  Kevin worked for Dan, helping him out and learning the tree business from the ground up.  In 2013 Ontario was hit by a severe ice storm that damaged uncountable amounts of trees.  This storm created a great need for tree services and a great opportunity/need for Warriors to grow.  Warriors grew to 28 employees and 3 office staff in order to keep up with the demand of our clients and contract with the Municipality of Oshawa.  Dan was a great tree guy and problem solver, but was not equipped to get done what was needed for our clients and contracts as well as keep the business and employees running smoothly.  This is where Kevin was asked to step in.  It wasn't long after the ice storm when the Emerald Ash epidemic hit and off the Warriors went to fight another battle.  Somewhere during all this it was apparent to both Kevin and Dan that they made great partners and the tree business was where they both belonged.  Kevin sold his other companies and became official partners with Dan in Warriors Tree Removal Inc.  Today Kevin uses his "techy" skills, tree experience and business operations knowledge to run the Warriors office, quote jobs and communicate with clients.

Max Sabourin:  Starting with us for the first time in his late teens, Max (AKA Dura Max) had shown a tremendous amount of natural skill in all facets of our business.  Coupling his natural skill along with his work ethic and urge to learn, Max quickly worked his way up the ranks at Warriors.  Max left Warriors for a few years to work for a few different companies.  During his "warriors hiadus", Max continued to build on his skill sets and learn a few new tricks.  Today Max uses his skills in heavy equipment, tree removal and construction knowledge to lead our construction and tree service teams.

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